Creative Approaches to MSME Financing
Presenter: Edison Galbraith
Position: General Manager
Event: JMMB - PSOJ Economic Forum
Date: Jul 3, 2014
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
Presenter: Mr. Michael Steele
Position: Head of School of Entrepreneurship
Event: JMMB-PSOJ Economic Forum
Date: Jul 3, 2014
Implications of Tax Policies on Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Meris Haughton
Event: International Conference of Entrepreneurship
Date: Jun 26, 2014
Sustaining Service Excellence….the Difficult but Rewarding Uphill Task
Presenter: Carolyn Hayle, Ph.D.
Event: PSOJ Service Excellence Awards
Location: PSOJ Service Excellence Awards
Date: May 27, 2014
Jamaica's Beekeeping Industry-Threats and Challenges
Presenter: Roy Murray
Position: Managing Director, Apiculture Products & Services Limited
Event: CASJ/PRL Agriculture Forum
Location: Chemistry Lecture Theatre C5, The University of the West Indies, Mona
Date: May 22, 2014