As a member of PSOJ, Panmedia invites you to donate to the organization's COVID-19 Jamaica Response Fund. The Fund is to buy medical supplies, help  needy citizens and mitigate threats from the pandemic. 

JA$ wire transfers –  NCB  (#061052429)  

US$ wire transfers – JMMB (#006000181484).

PSOJ is being supported in this effort by the Council of Voluntary Services, the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation, Sagicor Foundation Jamaica and the American Friends of Jamaica.



Business Events Postponed or Online

All business events that we are aware of are postponed or cancelled because of the pandemic that has swept the world and Jamaica. Some will be held online. For now, we will only post critical information related to Jamaica's recovery. 

We are helping the PSOJ with its communications efforts in business recovery and fundraising and will focus our attention there to avoid duplication of information. Blessings, and stay safe.

Submissions on Data Protection Bill for JITSA & JCS
Presenter: Neil Abrahams, Sheldon Powe, Melarka Wiliams, Grace Lindo
Event: Submission to Parliament
Date: Jan 31, 2018
ICAJ July Newsletter
Presenter: Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica
Event: Newsletter (July Edition)
Date: Jul 31, 2015
NIA Governance & Corruption: What to look for and what to do presentation?
Presenter: Professor Trevor Munroe
Position: Executive Director, National Integrity Action
Event: NIA Seminar
Date: Jul 18, 2015
KOHA Library System
Presenter: Paul Taylor
Event: STIN Social Media & KOHA Workshop 2015
Date: Jul 2, 2015
Social Media: How to use Facebook?
Presenter: Hugh Bowman
Event: STIN Social Media & KOHA Workshop 2015
Date: Jul 2, 2015