Birds Eye Business Planning for Creative Women Entrepreneurs

Jan 28 2020 - 10:00am
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The Foundations Business Planning Class helps aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners to create strategic business plans in order to start-up, expand, or enhance their businesses to learn how to make & keep more money for the good things in life.

This class is a refined version of Mountain BizWorks’ (USA) popular “Foundations” course. Delivered to thousands of entrepreneurs over 25 years, the curriculum has been honed to help entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for business growth. We now have Ally to help creative entrepreneurs in Jamaica build a solid strategy for business startup and growth. Now, the Birds Eye team has has revised this curriculum to make it even more relevant and retainable.

In 18 hours over 6 weekly sessions, participants will gain a clear aerial perspective of their business operations, financials, research and development, and marketing strategies. They will leave the course with a strategic business plan*, a clear vision for their business, and concrete tasks for future work.

Week 1: Gaining Perspective: We start by viewing our business concepts from a high altitude, in order to define our visions and get a good look at the main topics to be addressed.

Week 2: Laying the Foundation: Next, we return to the ground level to define our lines of business and analyze financial essentials, from overhead costs to break-even points.

Week 3: Getting into the Flow: In the third session, we’ll cover the financial bases of cash flow, sales forecasting, and financial documents.

Week 4: Mission & Markets: Then, we’ll revisit our mission, discuss market research, and identify competitors in order to align with our target markets.

Week 5: Get the Word Out: Next, we’ll discuss creative marketing strategies and give peer feedback on marketing materials.

Week 6: Goodbye & Good Luck: Finally, we’ll present our business plans, share final pitches, and plan for next steps.

If you can't make the sessions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, these classes can be done via the Zoom meeting app 1 on 1. Ask Ally for details.

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